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Oh yes Jen! Driving is a big one! I too have a notebook and pencil in the car. Once, I thought up a whole story with dialog between two main characters and one other guy while driving! I had to keep thinking about it until I could write it down so I wouldn't forget! Ha! I think I still have a copy of it!


i ALWAYS think of stuff i forgot or get creative in the shower, also while tying my shoes, or this is the big one for me..DRIVING. it got so bad i had to put a sketch book and pencil in my car and pullover when i thought of stuff, which was all the time. my mind wanders when it is clear and able to think of so many things!


Thank you Kathi! I took one class at Bead Gallery - basic wire wrap - years ago with my girlfriend Val. That's about it. I do read a lot of books and magazines on how-to's. From there I pretty much just "play" until I get something I like.


Blair~ I have wondered that many times myself (especially since my mother's voice still is so strong in my head) It may be true. I do know that I am slow to transition in some situations, which makes me tend to believe that I am just a slow processor in the creative arena. But that too could be just an "excuse" to justify procrastination. I guess it's a fine line for me too.


Hi! Thanks for signing my map :) Your Mary Janes look really great - congrats!


i totally know where you are coming from here. i need absolute freedom to think/process/create. interruptions, kids, work, daily life puts the skids on creativity. sometimes the shower is the only place we can be alone to think. we are lucky to live in hawaii though, where there are many places to get away. nature and art inspire me...so i try to go to places on oahu that nurture my creativity. haha, like the bead gallery. omg, i can spend hours in a bead shop. btw-i love your jewelry. are you self-taught?


Nice post. I sometimes wonder, in the midst of all of the planning I go through in my mind about what to make in my craft room, if I'm really just procrasinating. Planning...procrasinating...I guess its a fine line for me : )


I love your *stream-of-consciousness* post today. I also get many of my good ideas in the shower! And often hear my mother's voice in my head,asking the same thing. But I, too, have to mull things over...think about projects. Start and stop and reevaluate and sometimes not continue. We all have our own ways.

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