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Thank you to all of you for your well wishes. My leg is mending slowly but surely. The swelling is going down. You girls are the best!


wow, now that's a story! but glad you are back and okay. hope your leg is feeling better soon. i know, what is up with the 9am thing? my daughter's school is the same...and i can't even pickup the assignment until after school is out. i did go to the bead show. wouldn't miss it! bought several pearl strands and turquoise discs. and some funky asian beads. so fun! next one is in may at the ilikai. maybe i'll see you there?!


What a story! So sorry about your leg. Hope your leg will be on the mend asap.

Welcome back!!


Wow! What a story! So glad: no breakage! Love your amazing outlook and remaining calm & secure. I'm puzzled by the school's behavior/attitude.


Welcome back! Bummer about the leg, but hopefully you'll be off crutches soon so life can get back to normal.

Don't really understand the 9 am assignment policy. Is that pretty standard? Seems like they could cut you a little slack, your daughter being sick and all. Ugh!

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