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I liked this blog, i think is very interesting, most of all for the new ideas that this blog talk.


You did great you need to make us a tutorial on this and then we can make one together. I love it especially leave the zipper pull thingy on it, it's way to cool.

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I have been looking through your blog, I love your projects they are so cute and the fabric projects are awesome.Thanks for sharing,

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I'm just amazed at how much snow you have...tomorrow is the 1st of February and we're still 'snow less' for the winter...I don't know what's happened, but I'm not complaining..though it does look nice.

Glad you had a nice time browsing the stores for inspiration, spending your birthday certificates and building burgers!!

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Its very attractive artificial Zipper Flower, I am very thankful to you. I want to get information about How to make this; I hope you will help me. I like it so much.


Hi I don't have any instructions for this zipper flower. I just kind of flipped and stitched it together. Try the Martha Stewart link in one of the comments below. I think Martha just had it in an episode this Christmas season again as a quick pin to make as a gift.

Allie Williams

I would also like the instructions for this flower pin. Thank-you

vernelle greene

I would like the instructions to make the zipperflower. thank y9u. Vernelle Greene [email protected]


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looks good, maybe this link will help:


Wow, that is too cool! I wonder how many will sell at 70 dollars? Are they made out of gold or something?


Woo hoo! Very cool. Now I want to know who sells zippers 20 for a buck????

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